Senae Thai Bistro Welcomes You

Thom Kha  

Straw mushrooms in coconut milk & lemongrass soup, garnished with cilantro

Green salad    9.50

Lightly fried tofu, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, red onions and tomatoes in light peanut salad dressing

Add Grilled Chicken (+4.00), Grilled Shrimp (+6.00), Grilled Salmon or Steak (+7.00), or Pan-seared Scallops (+12.00)

Yum Woonsen   9.50

Vermicelli noodles tossed with fried tofu, cucumbers, red onions, scallions, cilantro, carrots, mint

​Add Grilled Chicken (+4.00), Grilled Shrimp (+6.00), Grilled Salmon or Steak (+7.00), or Pan-seared Scallops (+12.00)

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Kao Pad Ga   12.50

Chicken and rice, wok-fried with eggs, onions, scallions & tomatoes, garnished with cucumber and cilantro

Pad Ke Mow Neuh   14
Beef and wide rice noodles, wok-fried with green beans, zucchini, chili, Thai basil, onions and bell peppers

Pad Thai Goong   14.50

Shrimp and rice noodles, wok-fried with tofu, egg, onions, peanuts and beansprouts

Pad Se Ew  Mu v      13
Pork and wide rice noodles, wok-fried with Kanaa, onions, eggs and soy sauce

Gai Kra Prow    13

Minced chicken & green beans, wok-fried with onions & garlic, in basil-chili-sauce

Pad Pik Khing   13.75

Julienned pork & long beans, wok-fried with onions and garlic, in Kafir lime chili purée

Thai Iced Tea / Thai Iced Coffee      3.75 (No refills)

Coffee       3

Hot Tea      3

Gaeng Pak   14

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, green beans, bok choy, basil, bell peppers in green curry & coconut milk

Makeur Pad Ped   13
Thai & Japanese eggplant, Shiitake mushrooms, long beans & bell peppers, wok-fried with garlic, basil & chili

Pik Pao Tofu   12.50
Lightly fried tofu, green beans, onions and basil, wok-fried in house garlic-chili purée sauce

Gaeng Panang Tofu   13

Lightly fried tofu, zucchini, Kabocha squash, long beans, green beans & red bell peppers in Panang curry

Pak Kra Tiem   14

Fried Brussels sprouts, wok-tossed with garlic, onion and Sriracha chili

Gaeng Karee Gai   16

Roasted chicken with potatoes and scallions, simmered in yellow curry & coconut milk

Gaeng Keow Wan Neuh   21
Grilled beef steak, with green beans, bell peppers, Thai basil, & Thai eggplant, served in green curry coconut milk sauce, with roti

Gaeng Panang Gai   13

Julienned chicken, long beans, Kabocha squash, zucchini & bell peppers, simmered in Panang curry

Gaeng Gai   13

Julienned chicken, bamboo shoots & Thai basil, simmered in red curry & coconut milk

Sodas      2.75

Jasmine Blend Iced Tea      3.75

Voss bottled Water    5

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Thom Yum  
Straw mushrooms in spicy-sour lemongrass soup, garnished with cilantro

Sen Yai (wide rice noodles)   3

Sen Lek (rice-fettucine noodles)   3

Sweet House Chili Vinaigrette   2

Gaeng Bpá   26

Thai styled bouillabaisse: shrimp, calamari, cod, scallops, fresh mussels (when available), Thai eggplant, long beans, & baby corn, seasoned with red curry, fresh Thai basil, young peppercorn, chili and garlic

Massaman   15

Julienned chicken, potatoes, peanuts & onions in Massaman curry & coconut milk sauce

​Gaeng Kae Yang *   27

Grilled Lamb chops, served with zucchini, long beans & bell peppers in green curry & coconut milk


Sticky Rice      3

​Brown Rice      2.50

Jasmine Rice      2 

Roti (Indian Flat bread)   4

Pbedt Op*   25
Seared Maple Leaf Farm breast of duck served with a choice of:

  • ​​     ​Takai - Lemongrass-Shiitake-mushroom sauce, on a bed of Asian greens or, when available, hydroponically grown Pak Boong

  •      Gaeng Dang - Red curry coconut milk, accented with pineapple, basil, zucchini, & bell peppers

  •      Kao Soy - Nest of crispy egg noodles, served in red & yellow curry & coconut milk, garnished with pickled cabbage, red onions, beansprouts & cilantro

​Hoi Shell Rad Gaeng   29

Pan-seared scallops, served with tempura eggplant, basil, cauliflower & asparagus, glazed with green curry


Call For Reservations

Peanut Sauce      sm. 2 / lg. 4

​Kai Dao (fried egg)      2

Fried Asian Greens   6​

Thai omelet with minced chicken & scallions   8 / plain 4

Pla Rad Gaeng*   21

Grilled Atlantic salmon, brushed with cream of coconut milk, served with cauliflower & bell peppers in red curry coconut milk

Kao Op Sapparod   24
Rice, wok-fried with pineapple, pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, calamari & fresh mussels (when available), onions, garlic & scallions, seasoned with curry powder, served on a half pineapple shell

Gaeng Panang Short Ribs   23

Short ribs, slowly braised in Panang curry & coconut milk, served with zucchini & bell peppers


Reservations at Senae Thai Bistro


Served with a choice of Tofu, Napa cabbage or Chicken:  Cup - 5.75, Pot -16.00; and Shrimp: Cup - 7.00, Pot -18.50

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Neuh Pad Phed   14

Julienned beef, wok-fried with eggplant, Brussels sprouts & bell peppers in basil chili sauce

Talay Pad Ped   21
Shrimp, scallops, calamari, & cod, wok-fried with onions, wild ginger, basil, bell peppers and chili

Pad Woonsen   14.50

Vermicelli noodles & shrimp, wok-fried with Napa cabbage, eggs, onions & garlic sauce

Pra Ram *   19

Grilled steak, with cilantro marinate, atop fried Brussels sprouts, glazed with peanut sauce, garnished with cilantro

Substitute grilled Salmon- 21 or grilled Chicken - 17

Pla Op   18

Alaskan Cod filet, seasoned with ginger, garlic, and basil, in banana leaf, served with Asian greens

​Goong Preow Wan   18.50

Lightly fried shrimp, wrapped with crispy egg noodles, green beans, lychee, and bell pepper, glazed with sweet & sour tamarind sauce


Served on a bed of hydroponically grown lettuce, spring mix & green cabbage in garlic-lime dressing

Kao Soy   13

Nest of crispy egg noodles, served in Kao Soy curry & coconut milk, with pickled cabbage, red onions, beansprouts & cilantro

Pad Thai   12

Fresh rice noodles & tofu, wok-fried with house Pad Thai sauce, onions, beansprouts & chives, garnished with crushed peanuts, & cilantro

Pad Ke Mow   12

Wide rice noodles, wok-fried with tofu, onions, basil, garlic, green beans & bell peppers

Pad Se Ew   12

Wide rice noodles, wok-fried with Kanaa & tofu, onions, & garlic in dark soy sauce

Pak Pad Ruammit   13

Napa cabbage, Kanaa, green beans, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, & shiitake mushrooms, wok-fried & seasoned with garlic & chili



Served with cucumber relish, toast & house peanut sauce

Skewers of grilled marinated chicken  9

Grilled eggplant  8

Mu Yāng      8.50

Grilled marinated pork, served with cucumber relish and spicy-sweet house cilantro glaze

Thao Hu Tod    7.50

Fried tofu, served with sweet house chili vinaigrette and crushed peanuts

Pak Kra Tiem  8.50

Fried Brussels sprouts, tossed in garlic-onion Sriracha sauceBpeak Gai Tod  9

​Fried Garlic-lemongrass wings (six)

Additional wings 1.50 each


Vegetarian Dishes

Add chicken ($2), beef or pork ($3), shrimp ($5), seafood combination ($8) or scallops ($12)

Som Thum    11.50

Shredded fresh green papaya, crushed long beans, cherry tomatoes & peanuts

​Add Grilled Chicken (+4.00), Grilled Shrimp (+6.00), Grilled Salmon (+7.00) or Pan-seared Scallops (+12.00)
Lab Gai   12
Minced chicken, with red onions, scallions, cilantro, carrots, mint & roasted rice

Neurh Nām Thok   14.50
Grilled steak, with red onions, scallions, cilantro, carrots, mint & roasted rice

Yum Ta Lay   16
Grilled shrimp, cod & calamari, tossed with red onions, cucumber, carrots & cilantro

Ice Cream Trio (when available)   7.50         3 Tropical flavors of ice cream, topped with jackfruit & maraschino cherries

Vanilla Ice cream   5



Chef's Signature Dishes

No substitutions 

Kao-neow Mamuang   9

Fresh mango with semi-sweet coconut-creamed sticky rice

Glouy Tod   8

Banana, fried in beer batter, served with ice cream


•••​ Upscale Thai Dining •••
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(520) 373-5335 


  • All entreés can be served at spice levels ranging from 0 to 4; 5++++ is “at your own risk.”  Please specify desired level of spiciness
  • NOT ALL ingredients are listed in the description.  Please inform server of your preferences
  • Most dishes can be prepared gluten free or vegetarian. Please ask your server. 

​​Paupia Tod    8

Crispy rolls, filled with cabbage, carrots & mushrooms, served with sweet house chili vinaigrette

Peurk Tod   8.50
Taro Fries, served with sweet house chili vinaigrette and crushed peanuts

Paupia Soad  

Roll of green lettuce, jicama, cucumber, carrots, & mint, served with house Sriracha vinaigrette & crushed peanuts:

Veggies  5     Minced Shiitake & Oyster mushrooms  6

Shrimp  7      Combo Mushroom & Shrimp  11.25

​​Pla Muk Tod      11.50
Crispy calamari, tossed with carrots, scallions & red onions, served with house Sriracha vinaigrette

Thao Hu Kra Tiem Pik Thai  7.50

Crispy fried tofu, tossed with garlic, pepper & red onions, served on shrimp chips