*​Neurh Pad Phed  gf       14

Julienned beef, wok-fried with eggplant, Brussels sprouts & bell peppers in basil chili sauce

*Kae Yāng  ​gf     25

Grilled lamb chops, served in green-coconut milk curry sauce, accompanied by zucchini & bell peppers


Served with Jasmine or Brown rice


Fried Rice and Noodles

Add  $2 for chicken or tofu, $3 for beef or pork, $4 for shrimp​

Senae Thai Bistro Welcomes You

*Kang Pāk   v, gf      14

Grilled eggplant, zucchini, squash, green beans & red bell peppers, in green curry & coconut milk sauce

*Makeur Pad Ped  v, gf    13.5
Asian eggplant, Shiitake mushrooms, long beans & bell peppers, wok-fried with basil & chili

Pak Kra Tiem   v      13.5

Fried Brussels sprouts, tossed in garlic-Sriracha sauce

*Thom Kha  gf 

Mushrooms in coconut milk & lemongrass soup, garnished with cilantro & with a choice of:

Tofu   5

Chicken   6

*Pik Pao Tofu   v, gf       12.5

Lightly deep fried tofu, green beans, onions and basil, wok-fried in chili purée

*Panang Tofu   v, gf    14

Tofu, zucchini, squash, vegetables & red bell peppers in Panang curry

Sodas      2.5

Jasmine Iced Tea      3.5

Pellegrino Sparkling Water      4. 

Non-alcoholic Beverages

*Thom Yum   gf     
Mushrooms in spicy-sour lemongrass soup, garnished with cilantro & with a choice of:

​Tofu   5
Shrimp   7

Side of any curry     4.5

Fried Long Beans      5.5

Wok Fried Asian Greens    6

*Gai Kra Prow   gf       12

Julienned chicken, green beans & zucchini, wok-fried with onions & garlic, in basil-chili sauce

*Pbed Takai       23

Seared breast of duck, infused in lemongrass-Shiitake mushroom sauce, served on a bed of locally-grown Chinese water morning glory (seasonal)


Sticky Rice      3

​Brown Rice      2.5

Jasmine Rice      2 

Goong Preow Wān      18.5
Fried shrimp, wrapped with crispy egg noodles, served with green beans, lychee, onion ring and bell pepper, glazed with tamarind sweet sauce

*Pla Op   gf      16

Alaskan Cod filet, seasoned with ginger, garlic, chili and basil, roasted in banana leaves, served with vegetables


Peanut Sauce      sm. 2 / lg. 4

​Kai Dao (fried egg)      2

Kai Jeow (Thai omelette)       2

*Pla Rād Kang  gf       19

Grilled salmon, cauliflower & bell peppers, served in red curry coconut milk sauce, sprinkled with fresh Thai basil

*Talay Pad Ped    gf       19
Shrimp, scallops, calamari & cod, wok-fried with onions, kra chai, basil, red bell peppers and chili

(520) 373-5335
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Reservations at Senae Thai Bistro


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​​Paupia Tod  v 7.5

Crispy vegetable rolls, served with sweet chili vinaigrette

Peurk Tod   v   8
Taro Fries, served with sweet chili vinaigrette and crushed peanuts

Paupia Soad   gf   4.5

Roll of green lettuce, jicama, cucumber, carrots, mint & cilantro, served with Sriracha-vinaigrette and crushed peanuts

Add Mushrooms  5.5     Add Shrimp  6.5  

​​Pla Muk Tod      11
Crispy calamari, tossed with carrots, scallions & caramelized onions, served with Sriracha vinaigrette

Satay Gai      8

Grilled chicken skewers, served with cucumber relish and peanut sauce 

Mu Yāng      7.5

Grilled pork skewers, served with cucumber relish and spicy-sweet cilantro glaze

Thao Hu Tod  v, gf    6.5

Fried tofu wedges, served with garlic chili vinaigrette & crushed peanut sauce

Tod Mun      9.5

Fried fish cakes & long beans, seasoned with red curry & tossed in cucumber-red onion-cilantro relish

Kao Pad   v, gf    10.5

Rice, wok-fried with vegetables, onions & tomatoes, garnished with cucumber and cilantro

*Pad Ke Mow  v, gf      11.5
Wide rice noodles, wok-fried with vegetables, chili, basil, onions and bell peppers

Thai Iced Tea / Thai Iced Coffee      3.5

French Press Coffee       3.5

Hot Tea      2.5

*Karee Gai    gf   15

Roasted chicken with potatoes and scallions, simmered in yellow curry & coconut milk

*Gai Yāng Som Thum    15
Bone-in barbequed chicken, served with green papaya slaw and sticky rice

*Kang Pbed     23

Seared breast of duck, pineapple, basil, zucchini & red bell peppers, in red curry coconut milk sauce

*Pad Thai   v, gf      11.5

Fresh rice noodles  wok-fried with vegetables, tofu, egg, onions, peanuts and beansprouts

Pād Se Ew  v      10.5
Wide rice noodles, wok-fried with vegetables, eggs and soy sauce

*Kao Soy  v     13.5

Crispy egg noodles, served in yellow curry & coconut milk, garnished with pickled cabbage, red onions and beansprouts


Served on a bed of lettuce and cabbage in garlic-lime dressing

*Som Thum  v, gf      10.5

Shredded green papaya, mixed with long beans, cherry tomatoes and peanuts

*Lāb Gai  v, gf      11.5
Minced chicken, with red onions, scallions, cilantro, carrots, mint and roasted rice

*Neurh Nām Thok  v, gf    13.5
Grilled steak, with red onions, scallions, cilantro, carrots, mint and roasted rice


*Yum Ta Lay  v, gf     14

Grilled shrimp, cod & calamari, tossed with red onions, cucumber, carrots and cilantro

Green salad v, gf      9.5

Spring mix, cucumber, carrots, red onions and tomatoes, tossed in light peanut salad dressing

Pra Rām   gf   19

Grilled steak, served with fried Brussels sprouts, glazed with peanut sauce

*Panang Short Ribs  gf    19
Short ribs, stewed in Panang curry & coconut milk, served with zucchini & bell peppers

*Mu Pad Pik Khing   ​v,  gf       13
Julienned pork & long beans, wok-fried with onions and garlic, in kafir lime chili purée

Glouy Tod    7
Fried banana, served with vanilla ice cream


Dishes with * icon can be prepared spicy. Please specify desired level of spiciness (No spice: 0 to Thai Spice: 4+)
‘v’ = Vegetarian option available
‘gf’ = Gluten Free option available. Please notify your server. 

Split charge of $3 per main entrée applies when one entrée is split between 2 or more persons.

Please inform us of food allergies or dietary restrictions.




Kow Niow Ma Muang   gf    8

Fresh Mango, served with coconut cream sticky rice

(520) 373-5335 



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