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Thai Iced Tea / Thai Iced Coffee      3.5

French Press Coffee       3.5

Hot Tea      2.5


Sodas      2.5

Jasmine Iced Tea      3.5

Pellegrino Sparkling Water      4. 

Lunch Specials

Dishes with * icon can be prepared spicy. Please specify desired level of spiciness (No spice: 0 to Thai Spice: 4+)

‘v’ = Vegetarian option available
‘gf’ = Gluten Free option available. Please notify your server.

Split charge of $3 per main entrée applies when one entrée is split between 2 or more persons.

Please inform us of food allergies or dietary restrictions.


Add Tofu or Vegetables $2, Chicken $2.5, Beef or Pork $3, Shrimp $5, Seafood $7

Non-alcoholic Beverages

(520) 373-5335
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Wok & Grill Rice Plates

Add Tofu or Vegetables $2, Chicken $2.5, Beef or Pork $3, Shrimp $5, Seafood $7

Pād Se Ew  v      9.75

Wide rice noodles, wok-fried with vegetables, eggs and soy sauce

Guoy Theow Gai Kua v,gf    ​ 10.5

Wide rice noodles & chicken wok-fried with egg, sweet radish, beansprouts & scallions, on green leaf lettuce

Senae Thai Bistro Welcomes You

Glouy Tod    7
Fried banana, served with vanilla ice cream

*Panang Tofu gf     9.5

Lightly fried Tofu, zucchini & bell peppers simmered in Panang curry & coconut milk

*Keow Wan Neurh    10.5

Julienned beef, long beans & bellpeppers simmered in green curry & coconut milk

*Karee Gai  v, gf   9.75
Julienned chicken, potatoes and scallions, stewed in yellow curry & coconut milk 

Kang Gai v,gf   9.75

Julienned chicken, bamboo shoot, & bell peppers simmered in red curry & coconut milk



*Pad Kra Prow  v,gf    9.75 

Minced chicken & green beans, wok-frie​d with garlic & onions, in basil-Thai-chili-oyster sauce

*Pad Nammun Hoi  v 10.5

Julienned beef wok-fried with Asian greens shiitake mushrooms, onions & garlic in oyster sauce

Kao Pād  v, gf    9

Rice, wok-fried with vegetables, onions & tomatoes, garnished with cucumber and cilantro

*Gai Yāng Som Thum    12
Bone-in barbecued chicken, served with green papaya & carrot slaw and sticky rice 

Kow Pad Kra Prow v,gf    9.75

Rice & julienned chicken wok-fried with chili, basil, onions and bell peppers

Reservations at Senae Thai Bistro

Kow Niow Ma Muang   gf    8

Fresh Mango, served with coconut cream sticky rice

Curry Rice Plates

Add Tofu or Vegetables $2, Chicken $2.5, Beef or Pork $3, Shrimp $5, Seafood $7

*Pād Thai  v, gf     9.75
Fresh rice noodles, wok-fried with vegetables, tofu, egg, onions, peanuts & beansprouts

*Pād Ke Mow v, gf     9.75

Wide rice noodles, wok-fried with vegetables, Thai chili, basil, onions & bell peppers

Guoy Theow Luk-Chin      9.5 

Beef ball, julienned beef in rice noodle soup, served with beansprouts, garnished with scallions & cilantro

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