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Call for Reservations

Satay Gai      6

Grilled chicken skewers, served with cucumber relish and peanut sauce 

Mu Yāng      6

Grilled pork skewers, served with cucumber relish and spicy-sweet cilantro glaze

Thao Hu Tod  v, gf    5

Fried tofu wedges, served with garlic chili vinaigrette & crushed peanut sauce

​‘v’ = Vegetarian option available
‘gf’ = Gluten Free option available. Please notify your server.

​Please inform us of food allergies or dietary restrictions.

••• Please Visit Us At 63 East Congress, Tucson, Arizona •••​
••• Place Your Reservation•••

(520) 373-5335 


Senae Thai Bistro Welcomes You
Reservations at Senae Thai Bistro

​​Paupia Tod  v 6

Crispy vegetable rolls, served with sweet chili vinaigrette

Peurk Tod   v   6
Taro Fries, served with sweet chili vinaigrette and crushed peanuts

​​Pla Muk Tod     9
Crispy calamari, tossed with carrots, scallions & caramelized onions, served with Sriracha vinaigrette

Happy Hour 

~ 5 - 6pm Mo-Th ~

~ 4 - 6pm Fri & Sa ~

(520) 373-5335

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